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We are the team doing the research in different field of life sciences to develop a technology or a product. The field experts contributes their novelty not only on profitable but also ethically. Brio Life Sciences promotes the better products in market. The selected products tested for their quality, novelty and economically before enter into your home.

Our Team

Product and Technology Development

Dr. A. Ganesh, M.sc., Ph.D.

Effective Microbial Formulation

Mr. V. Gowthaman

Ohmic Technology and Sub-Critical Extraction Technology

Dr. A. Vignesh, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Plant Tissue Culture

Advisory Team

Technology Development
Dr. G. Karunasagaran, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Scientist D
Environmental Information System Resource Partner
Department of Zoology
University of Madras

Dr. N. Selvakumar, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. D. S. Kothari Post-Doctoral
Fellow Centre for Environmental Studies
Anna University

Research Publications
Dr. T.Muneeswaran, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Researcher
Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Materials
Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (FCFM)
University of Chile, #851 Beauchef, Santiago, Chile

Dr. Vignesh V, M.Sc., Ph.D

Animal Quarantine
Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying
Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying
Govt of India, Maharashtra.

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